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Through years of experience Digital Force has worked on hundreds of entertainment projects, which were all of great satisfaction to our clients. You will receive a great product and VIP services from our product specialists and engineers.

Shortly after my initial contact with the company I received a call from a senior account person who offered to be of assistance to me through the completion of the project. This was a level of personal attention I had never experienced before. At the risk of sounding like a paid advertisement (I’m not), I could not have hoped for a more detail-oriented, accommodating staff, willing to jump through hoops in order to meet a very tight delivery deadline. This company is a delight to work with, and I recommend it unhesitatingly to anyone in need of CD production services”

— Peter Melnick, Composer of Off-Broadway Musical Adrift In Macao

Be sure to request full service packaging, bar code, top spine and shrink-wrap to receive a retail-ready product. Professional sound and video quality and customized packaging are the norm.

Need help creating menus for your DVD or interactive features for your CD-ROM? Be sure to check out our authoring services.

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