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General Guidelines

Please prepare your artwork with the proper Digital Force templates. Any artwork not submitted in our proper templates or guidelines may experience delays and an additional conversion charge.

Tips to help your project go smoothly:

  1. Include ALL original artwork needed for the project.
  2. When sending the original documents in their native file format (Photoshop / Illustrator, etc.), remember to package/link images and fonts.
  3. Do not flatten the layers in Photoshop. If submitting PDFs, ensure the ‘Preserve Editing Capabilities’/’Layers’ option is checked upon export.
  4. Do not flatten the template layer onto your artwork.
  5. Convert all fonts to outlines when using Illustrator.
  6. Ensure you have packaged your fonts and linked your image files correctly.
  7. Proof read all text to ensure proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  8. Save all images with at least 300dpi, in the full size of the original image.
  9. Make sure your files are saved in the CMYK color space for printing, not RGB.
  10. Do not scale bitmap images to a size larger than that of the original.
  11. We are a Mac equipped company. Accommodations can be made for PC files in the Illustrator/Photoshop formats.
  12. Do notify us if you have specific or bespoke printing specifications, such as with spot colors, gloss, etc.

Final Checklist Before Submitting Files:

  • Did you collect all the fonts and images that were used?
  • Did you supply native source files?
  • Did you include any necessary bleeds?
  • Are your files in the proper CMYK format?
  • Are your files 300dpi?
  • Are your files in the proper templates and measurements?

Image files we support:


Design software we support:

  • InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • We use Adobe CS6

We are here to help! Have questions? Contact us.