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The increasing use of more contemporary means of communications among schools and universities goes far beyond musical groups and ensembles. Student handbooks recruiting prices, fund raising and alumni relations are but a few that are now employing CDs and DVDs. Still, when asked why we were selected as a supplier of choice, the consistent responses are “trustworthy”, “knowledgeable”, “helpful” and “easy to work with.”

It’s not only the musical communities, within colleges, that are turning to Digital Force for their CD and DVD production needs. Digital Force is increasingly providing creative solutions in multi media formats to fulfill the needs of presenting informative and instructional materials from all college departments.


Just to name a few uses of CD-ROM and DVD with a combination of video, text and audio for:

  • College tours
  • Hyper links to web sites
  • Campus tour maps
  • Testimonials
  • Department contacts
  • Course information
  • Class schedules
  • Meal plan options
  • Campus associations
  • Athletic highlights
  • Alumni relations
  • Academic calendar

The use of multimedia resources enables you to include a large mass of information, easily accessible and lightweight. We make the ordering process easy for you.

We are here to respond to your needs, whether it is a first time project or a reorder. We will walk you through every step of the project to make it stand out. Choose the medium of your preference whether it is a CD or a DVD, the type of label that best fits your design and the packaging needs and we’ll put it all together for you.

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