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The CD-ROM and DVD mediums are highly applicable in communicating a clear message to healthcare professionals or the public.  The offer high storage multimedia alternatives, which can e readily accessed from the office or at home.  These media also offer the ability to search through a large quantity of information and provide specific information relevant to a certain topic.

Digital Force is proud of its long association creating CD-ROM and DVD materials for pharmaceutical and healthcare fields.  We were recently selected to produce disks for the:

New York City Department of Aging on its 21st Annual Mayoral Conference On Alzheimer’s Disease.  The informative DVD educates the public about the advances in technologies being utilized to improve the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Below is a quote from the director of the Alzheimer’s & Caregiver Resource Center:

“Thanks to Digital Force our event was a resounding success.  Your oversight of this project helped guarantee that all participants received this enduring material the morning of the event.  Because of your competent and accommodating staff our tight deadlines and numerous requests for edits were pleasantly received.”

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